Fnatic beats NaVi to ESEA trophy

It was a close match as Fnatic beats NaVi by 3-2 to lift the ESL ESEA trophy.

It was a close five-match competition between Fnatic and NaVi, but Fnatic came up top by 3-2 to retain their dominance over the ESEA title.

Arguably the best CS:GO team there is, the road to victory was not all smooth sailing for Fnatic.

In that sense, Na’Vi and Fnatic share very similar experiences.

Each won their first group match, but they lost in the second round and had to climb back up through the ranks.

Besides their two losses to EnVyUs, Fnatic had a perfect tournament and Na’Vi performed about the same.

In the final round, after narrowly securing a win on de_inferno, Fnatic increased its lead in an exhausting 16-14 slog through dust2 before ceding two games in a row on mirage and train.

The final match in cobblestone was decisive: NaVi made a valiant effort to halt Fnatic’s seven-round streak with a three-round run of its own, but sudden aggression from Fnatic left the Ukranian team floundering—16-6.

With that, Fnatic wrote their names in the ESL ESEA Pro League again and brought home a deserving prize money of $100,00.


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