CSGO is the best-selling game on Steam


Statistics in Steam, the largest Internet-based digital distribution platform shows that CS: GO made the most sales in 2015.

This is a profound statement for CS: GO, as this year was another great year for gaming that see the debut of Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 that readily deserves “Game of the Year” awards.

A list compiled by Steam Spy detailed that the household gaming title which was first published in 2012 sold the most globally on the Steam throughout the entirety of the year.

It also offers different data for each region in which the platform is available.

While Fallout 4 was the best-selling game overall in the US, having sold just under 1 million copies, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment’s FPS topped the chart worldwide, selling over 5.6 million copies worldwide.

This was a significantly higher number than the amount of units sold by its closest runner-up, Grand Theft Auto V, which sold 3.5 million copies throughout the duration of 2015.



Steam Spy’s figures were taken from the months April – December, meaning some of these figures may be slightly skewed.

However, it is still likely that Counter-Strike would have topped the list given that it has been available to purchase for the entire year, and also because it is one of the most coveted of eSports gaming titles.

It is also breaching into mainstream entertainment, with the introduction of cable television broadcasts covering matches and more new leagues being announced by the day.

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