Russell Okung of Seattle Seahawks invests in eSports startup

NFL star Russell Okung has invested in eSports startup company Matcherino.

A crowdfunding website, Matcherino started their business by helping fans fund for matches between their favorite players, teams, and streaming personalities—or even raise money to play them personally.

Okung invested an undisclosed amount in Matcherino’s recent $1.25 million seed round, which was announced last week.

“I really love Matcherino and the understanding of what crowd-based funding is, to see guys play and see people play against the best gamers,’’ he said.

“I thought it would be something cool for me to get behind. There’s a nice parallel, too, to what I do, so I thought it would be even cooler.’’

Okung, who plays offensive tackle for Seattle Seahawks in the NFL represents a latest addition into a series of traditional sports personalities and media companies investing in the eSports arena.

Former NBA star Rick Fox had recently bought a League of Legends team; Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks invested in eSports gambling startup Unikrn, and ESPN had just established a new eSports division.

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