Counter-Strike match fixing bans are permanent, says Valve

Valve upholds that the ban on a number of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are permanent.

In a statement made on their blog, Valve stated that “integrity can never be called into question to ensure that the highest level of competition continues to entertain.”

They also acknowledged that bans can be “disruptive and painful” to members of the eSports community, but maintains that such actions are necessary.

It was their hope that they won’t have to issue more bans in the future.

Early last year, seven professional players were found guilty of match-fixing by purposefully losing CS: GO matches in order to profit from bets.

It was the single biggest case of match fixing in eSports history, and a few popular North American teams were dissolved.

Some of the game’s best players had to reconsider their careers.

The CS: GO community had been showing mixed reactions on this issue.

Some stand firmly behind Valve as it looks to set an example that match fixing has a zero tolerance policy, while others are upset that the players banned were important figures in the North American CS: GO scene, and would benefit the struggling region tremendously.

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