Esports now a subject in Norway school

A high school in Norway had just incorporated eSports into their curriculum just as the industry enjoys it continuous meteoric rise in fame and advance into mainstream acceptance.

Garnes High School is a specialized public high school on Norway, and had just incorporated competitive gaming as part of their secondary education.

This includes placing games such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive under one subject with 5 hours of class added to their normal load of 30 hours.

It will also be similarly graded in the manner of more traditional subjects such as Science and Mathematics, which in turn promotes its importance.

The goal of this was to create players who could compete in the country within 3 years.

With Garnes High School being run by the state, this could mean that there is a good chance that other countries would include eSports as a subject too.

Esports is already an elective subject in Sweden and Australia, and part of varsity programs in United States.

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