Immortals destroys Team Impulse in fastest NALCS game ever

The Immortals overcompensated and destroyed Team Impulse in the shortest game in North American League Championship Series history.

Just within 18 minutes and 16 seconds the Immortals demolished Team Impulse in entirely, not giving up a single tower, kill, or objective.

The game was simply perfect for a League of Legends match, never seen before in any level of competitive play.

Immortals demonstrated precise team play alongside individual prowess, coming out of the first NA LCS weekend as one of only two teams to have a perfect record.

Overall, the entire Immortals roster get to show off what they were made off in the match.

At the end of the 2015 League season Impulse failed to sell its LCS spot, forcing the organization to scramble to build a new roster.

The team was forced to take in a number of weak free agents to fill the spots, but the team was also missing several of its starting players in the match due to visa issues – leading to the team’s worst downfall yet.

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