Riot Games appoints new LCS chief

Riot Games, developer of League of Legends has appointed Dustin “Redbeard” Beck as their new League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) chairman.

Beck was the vice president of esports and merchandise at Riot Games, and is usually seen giving out the Summoner’s Cup to victors.

He is also well known in fan-circles leading typically awkward awards ceremonies.

Most would speculate that Beck is adding to his own workload with LCS being the premiere competition in the Western regions.

However, he believes that it would let him take time off eSports, and that he will be creating his own start-up “within the investment world.”

He further added that he will be handing of overall LCS leadership to a team co-led by Whalen ‘RiotMagus’ Rozelle and Jarred ‘Bradmore’ Kennedy, both being prominent figures in LOL.

No further details were added, but it is likely the reason for Beck’s lighter workload and step back from being the face of Riot esports.

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