Dota 2 unveils new Winter Battle Pass

Valve had announced a new event for their most popular MOBA: the Dota 2 Winter Battle Pass, to enrich every player and subscriber’s in-game experience.

Valve is also delivering a Conduct Summary system for the DOTA 2 community, letting each player to know how their behavior is affecting allies and enemies alike with reports, commendations, and abandons linked to their previous 25 matches.

According to the company, the extra transparency should make it easier for gamers to evaluate their behavior and make adjustments.

One of the main focus of the new patch introduced is the additional changes in match engines. Performances would be improved especially for PCs with lower system specifications, with a newly-introduced rendering system for better content and other bug-fixes.

In-game, players can choose from three different hero paths before every match that offers unique objectives of their own. Completion will provide increased Battle Points, with the option to tip some of the winnings to an ally or worthy opponent.

The Battle Pass also adds on a wagering system that provides a weekly allowance of 1,000 tokens.

Additionally, the update includes the 2016 Shanghai Major Compendium provided in advance of the upcoming tournament, and will become a major source of news for the occasion. It will provide recaps of qualifying matches, team profiles, match predictions and everything needed to stay in the loop,

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