2K holds NBA 2K16 online tournament with $250,000 prize

Game developer 2k had announced their very first eSports tournament, boasting $250,000 worth of prize money for a new online competitive gaming tournament, dubbed the Road to the Finals.

The tournament uses NBA 2K16’s pro-am feature, which pits five-on-five teams made up of individual human players against each other. Participants will use their own custom players rather than the existing NBA stars.

“The NBA 2K development team has aspired to join the exciting world of esports for years,” president of Visual Concepts Greg Thomas.

“Road to the Finals is our first step, and we can’t wait to add even more excitement and competitive action to our franchise.”

Players from everywhere can take part in the tournament, forming their own teams on PS4 and Xbox One consoles to compete in in-game events.

There are 16 qualifying events that teams can participate. The teams that get the highest score on each qualifying day will move on to the knockout stages of the tournament, to be held on May 21.

“As the world of competitive gaming continues to evolve, NBA 2K is a natural fit to join the growing landscape,” NBA 2K marketing executive Alfie Brody said.

“Our series has long inspired rivalry among gamers, and we’re looking forward to encouraging our fans to enjoy the thrill of competition on a larger scale.”



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