Valve kick-starts Operation Wildfire for CS: GO

Valve has commenced a new event named Operation Wildfire for Counter Stike: Global Offensive, adding a pair of campaigns that feature more than 50 missions, new weapons and skins as well as one classic Counter-Strike map: de_nuke.

The event comes within the bundle of the latest update, which also demands two micro-sites of its own and the general tweaks.

It will run to June 17, providing access to seven new community maps including Tulip, Cruise, Coast and Empire in addition to Nuke. Paid users would enjoy further new features should they opt for the Access Pass instead.

The two campaigns are the Wildfire Campaign, made up of Casual, Deathmatch and Arms Race missions – and the co-op Gemini Campaign which packs three all-new Co-op Strike missions and 23 Guardian missions.

Both campaigns reward mission XP with each success, and by completing Challenge Missions you can upgrade your flashy Wildfire Coin, shown off alongside your avatar. The usual array of pretty stuff is thrown in too: the Wildfire Case contains 16 community weapon skins and a Bowie knife.

de_nuke, a map modified extensively since its debut in the original Counter Strike of 1999 had a face-lift, proving that Source can still get the job done when it has to.

To convey the magnitude of the changes, Valve has a series of before-and-after sliders on the dedicated Nuke site, along with a breakdown to supplement our exhaustive analysis appearing later today.

Tweaks to numerous glitches had also been noted. For instance, the leader’s glow in Arms Race no longer shows through walls, detail sprites like grass has been improved so Valve can pack more on the screen, and Cache and Mirage have received special attention.


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