Riot sets penalty index for pro LOL matches

Riot games had announced that the company will be establishing a penalty index to handle player and gaming misconduct within all professional League of Legends tournaments.

The introduction of those rules comes after a year in which the eSports industry claimed a fair share of sporting scandals, which included doping and match-fixing among other things.

Hence, with the 2016 season of LCS and other competitions underway, Riot wants to put a stop on that.

Now, a standardized set of punishments for exists in two tiers – minor rules, requiring suspensions no longer than 3 months and major/global rules. The latter includes offenses that seriously violate competitive integrity or otherwise harm the game carries severe penalties.

Additionally, a penalty tracked will be established to keep trace of each player, team and parties that had gone over to the wrong side of playing rules. Riot will also include some pros and notable people in eSports in establishing an LCS Pro Player Panel for “increased dialogue”.

“Our goal for League of Legends eSports is to showcase the highest quality of play and sportsmanship in competitive League of Legends,” Whalen Rozelle, Riot’s director of eSports had explained.

“To meet that standard, we need to establish and uphold goalposts to ensure a fair and stable ecosystem for players, teams, and the league.”

In the past, Riot had come under fire for a lack of transparency in their process of decision making. However, should they chose to implement these rules and closely enforced it, their MOBA will be more welcoming to everyone.

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