Fnatic trumps Luminosity to win CS:GO title at IEM Katowice

Fnatic’s CS: GO team proved once again that they are among the best teams ever to play in the professional Counter-Strike circuits, winning The Intel Extreme Masters trophy by beating Luminosity gaming against 3-0.

Although the score was clearly one-sided, the Brazil-based eSports team had enjoyed what was a miraculous run into the final of the tournament.

And they came dangerously close to defeating the dominant Swedish side and claiming the title, too. They lead by 11-1 in game one and forcing Fnatic to fight back fiecely and win 19-17 in overtime. However, a lackluster performance by the Brazilians saw them get only 3 points against Fnatic’s 16 in the second round.

The Brazilian team then pulled ahead in the third game once again to make it 7-1, but Fnatic somehow managed to reach them again. Then, the game drew at 15-15 and went into overtime, Fnatic merely threw a show of strength in emphatic fashion, taking four straight sets, win the match and claim their trophy.

The victory is Fnatic’s seventh straight $100,000 title win, which additionally allowed the team to take vengeance against their best-of-one loss against Luminosity in the group stages. It also ensures their tournament-winning streak and their record as the most successful CS: GO team there is.




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