Na’Vi wins Counter Pit League season 2


Ukraine-based eSports team Na’Vi triumped in the Counter Pit League Season 2 grand final, taking Astralis down at 2-1 to claim the title and $40,000 in prize money.

AWP Player Ladislav “Guardian” Kovacs was the unquestionable MVP as he displayed a stellar performance and claimed dominance across three different maps. His contributions to the team were vital for Na’Vi’s win as he looks to recover after a shaky performance at IEM Katowice earlier this month.

Astralis rallied to a comeback in Inferno, as Na’Vi took the first map 16-9 by overcoming the Danish side on Train. Indeed, it almost looked as though Na’Vi were about to make a comeback and steal away the second map, but Astralis were able to close the game and take it at 16-12.

With many expecting a tense final game on Mirage, it was Kovacs who once again took centre stage and completely shut down Astralis on both the terrorist and counter-terrorist side.

After falling in the semifinal to Brazil’s Luminosity Gaming at IEM Katowice, Na’Vi will be only too happy to make a revival and claim victory in Croatia.

However, these two teams will have no time to rest as they meet again in two weeks as MLG Columbus kicks-off. A Valve-sponsored major, the tournament comes with a massive $1 million prize pool.

Both Na’Vi and Astralis will be looking to place highly in the tournament, and with that much money on the line, nobody will be pulling their punches.

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