ESL introduces Hall of Fame for all major eSport and players

Tournament organisers Electronic Sports League (ESL) will introduce a special Hall of Fame this summer to formally recognize and honour the top players of every major eSport.

So far, eSports and the industry running had blossom, boasting exponential increase numbers of viewers as well as players that makes the arena beautiful.

Now, it has simply and naturally came to point where people would look to preserve the history of people who honoured the games by playing it.

“The eSports Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the rich history of competitive video games,” ESL explained in a statement.

“Our goal is to honor the legacy and to tell the stories of the players and people who have made great contributions to eSports.”

While ESL wil be the leaders to spearhead the project, they will open up the nomination and voting process to include a panel of “writers, analysts, commentators, coaches, and other experts” within the eSports industry.

Honorees will be inducted at notable events for specific games such as major tournaments. The first batch of honorees will be selected at ESL One: Cologne in July and will specifically represent the Counter-Strike series of games, for example.

But gradually, the Hall will be filled with players from League of Legends, StarCraft (1 and 2), Dota, Dota 2, and numerous the fighting game titles as well. Similar to how it works in traditional sports, a player must be retired for at least one year before being considered for inclusion.

For now, the Esports Hall of Fame will be purely virtual, but ESL intends to look into a physical space to display the awards for the general public.


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