Luminosity Gaming takes Columbus Major trophy

In just two maps, Brazilian eSports team Luminosity Gaming justified their place as fan favourites, overpowering and outclassing Natus Vincere by 2-0 in the MLG Columbus grand final.

Just one year ago, Luminosity placed eighth at the major in Katowice—a massive achievement—and just one year later they are the well-deserved champions of this Valve Major, deservedly earning their title of “legendary”.

Earlier, Luminosity defeated Team Liquid in the semi-finals which ended every American teams most impressive performance in a major Counter Strike:Global Offensive tournament yet.

But in a recurring theme too often seen in the knockout stages, Na’Vi was the ones that had built a commanding 4-11 advantage in de_Mirage before time. Luminosity then rallied to push it to a 12-12 score, and both teams took turns winning rounds and the game went into overtime.

A close match ensued, but with a tense finish it was Luminosity who managed to take the win. However, it was as if the overtime victory that dragged down Na`Vi into the second game – map two, de_Overpass never seemed to be a struggle for Luminosity.

Na’vi pushed but only took a meager two rounds, earning less than 10 kills per player save for one. Meanwhile, Luminosity took inspiration from in-game leader and captain Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo who brought them forward in the map with 21 kills and just six deaths.

However, it was Marcelo “Coldzera” David who looked the deadliest for his team over the course of the series. Coldzera was also awarded MVP for the entire tournament, finishing with a +84 KD ratio over the nine maps played.

Their victory rewards the entire team with $500,00, while Na’Vi claims second prize with $150,000 and automatic qualification in the next Valve Major.




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