CLG and G2 come out winners in respective LCS regions

Counter-Logic Gaming wins their second consecutive LCS trophy.

Counter Logic Gaming had successfully defended their title as they dominated game 5 to overpower Team SoloMid for second consecutive North American League Championship Series trophy.

It was a very personal match for the longtime rivals; CLG had beaten TSM in their previous NA LCS finals.

Taking out game one and two in a blitz, CLG was then stumped as TSM took the subsequent two to make it to the deciding fifth game.

CLG had to go fast again but TSM stopped them as a few team fights evened out gold and tower count. But CLG still managed to change the momentum as AD carry Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes got a kill on top laner Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell, allowing his team to make and assault to the enemy’s base without fear.

However, the match-up had been unlikely as CLG claimed second seed while TSM only got sixth after a number of roster changes offseason. But through sheer will and grit, TSM got through in the knockout stages, leaving even top-seeded Immortals in their stride.

“Clawing our way back from sixth seed we just had to try harder than every other team to make it this far,” said AD carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, who previously had played for CLG and had been one of the major changes in roster.

It was even more of a shame that they just fell a bit short of the mark, as CLG head to Shanghai next month to earn a place for the NA region among the world’s best.

G2 esports made history with their very first LCS title.
G2 esports made history with their very first LCS title.

On the other side of the pool, G2 esports sets one for the books as they claimed their very first LCS trophy, defeating Origen dazzlingly in the fourth game to become champions of EU region.

A relatively newbie team, they had previously faced Fnatic during the Summer Split 2015 Finals but fell short after a strenuous five games. It was all the more reason for them to feel proud since the team managed to enter LCS through the Challenger Series, and then win it.

Rising through the ranks, the team tamed veterans Origen largely on the back of rookie mid laner Luka “PerkZ” Perković’s spectacular assassin play on LeBlanc and Zed, neutralizing Origen’s star AD carry Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen in nearly every important fight.

Also, it most definitely helps that Perkz is famous for being able to ‘play anything’, adding more intrigue to the game process and decreasing the deciding influence of the pick-and-ban phase.

Not even the subsequent substitution of veteran mid laner Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez in for Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage could save Origen in Game 4, leading to the old timer squad’s defeat.


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