TSM holds tryouts following YellOwStaR departure

After the League Championship Series Spring Split playoffs, Team SoloMid had announced that they will be holding tryouts for a new support player following Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim’s departure from the team.

The news was published on TSM’s official website, citing that YellOwstaR had expressed his desire to make a return to Europe, despite leading his team to the North American LCS finals.

TSM will be holding tryouts to find the right man to take his place, as they had not decided on a replacement for the French support. He has also not revealed any team that he will be joining in the EU region.

“After the Spring Split playoffs, our support Bora ‘YellOwStaR’ Kim has expressed a desire to return to Europe for the remainder of the season. As such we are announcing open tryouts for the Support position on our League of Legends roster,” the announcement read.

“We are seeking the best possible player across all regions to fill his spot on the team. We would prefer a player with fluency in English. If interested, reach out to your team owners to help coordinate a tryout with us,” it added.

Since his time with Fnatic in 2015, Kim came to be recognized as one of the best team captains in League of Legends in the western regions.

More than just a leader, Kim went well beyond leading his team as he rebuilt the organization’s entire roster which then went ahead to win the LCS two consecutive times and secure a place at the 2015 League of Legends World Championship semifinals.

However, it appeared that he struggled following his transition to the North American region and TSM, as the team did not perform as well as many hoped.

They had a roller coaster of a season, falling short time and time again even as everyone favored the team in the tournament.

But even with such setbacks, the team managed to pull through into the playoffs and eliminated Cloud 9 and regular splits Immortals, before they stop short and lost to Counter Logic Gaming in a thrilling final.

There are no obvious replacements for Kim as of yet, but given the fact that teams usually release players in-between LCS splits the open spot won’t stay that way for long. TSM had followed suit, revealing in the announcement that they are open for negotiations for Kim’s expired contract.

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