Invincible Dignitas, champions of Heroes EU summer regional

United Kingdom-based Team Dignitas will be the first team to make it into the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship after emerging on top of the EU regional qualifiers undefeated.

The team staves off challenges from the likes Team Liquid, Fnatic and Natus Vincere to hold themselves high as the top dog of Europe’s Heroes of the Storm scene.

And so, support player James “Bakery” Baker led Dignitas to a second consecutive European Championship without the stain of a single loss.

In a rematch of a previous match-up in the ESL Katowice regional final, hey defeated mYinsanity in a clean 3-0 route to complete their demolition of Europe’s top eight Heroes of the Storm teams.

But whether it was their final win or the semifinal game against Liquid, Dignitas had come very close to losing maps. Still, they kept it together, shaking off every near defeat and holding their nerves to make their  clean sheet.

With their victory, Dignitas will be representing Europe at the World stage but they should not forget their disappointing performance, as well as all Western teams in the Spring Global Championship, held in Korea. There, they were eliminated by local team No Limit in the group stages.

A second European qualified will take place at DreamHack Tours in France in May, with Na’Vi, Liquid and Fnatic already qualifying, as another seven European teams face-off to claim the second chance to reach the summer finals in June.

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