Natus Vincere cuts ties with Heroes of the Storm team

Natus Vincere has disbanded their Heroes of the Storm team, and it is exactly for the reason anyone would think first-thing.

Citing “poor achievements” as the main reason, Na’Vi has chosen to cut their ties and sponsorship with their subsidiaries after the team experienced rough patches at both the EU regional at Leicester and IEM Katowice.

But this was not always the case for the Na’Vi Heroes team. They had managed to place top, including winning Dreamhack Tours 2015.

Last winter, their team was the strongest in Europe, winning the first EU regional and topping their group at Blizzcon’s opening week.

They subsequently fell to bitter fortunes, as their defeat to longtime rivals Dignitas at the main event started a losing streak for the team.

The team also failed at summer European championship and didn’t get to playoff.

It did not stop there, as the squad was affected by roster changes visibly when the team saw the departure of Jerome “JayPL” Trinh and Simon “scHwimpi” Svensson.

Na’Vi said that they “can’t name exact reason of such performance and results”, but attested that the series of losses had been affecting the organization, the team and the fans.

Speculations are now made on whether Na’Vi will consider making a comeback into Heroes in the future. The Polish squad mYinsanity, who have been consistently placing top two ahead of the former Na’Vi squad for months, would be a strong roster to take in.

As for the current team, support player Francisco Antonio “GranPkt” Núñez Sorribas said in an interview with the Score that the roster will look to stay together following Na’Vi’s withdrawal of support, but it’s far more likely that the team members go their own ways after Dreamhack Tours.


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