DreamHack Austin final ends with Luminosity triumph

Luminosity Gaming claimed their second major Counter Striker: Global Offensive title of the year after a clean 2:0 victory against fellow countrymen Tempo Storm, thus winning DreamHack ZOWIE Open: Austin 2016.

The Grand Finale to the tournament held on American soil was all-Brazilian, as local teams Cloud 9 and Team Liquid failed to get past both Luminosity and Tempo in the semi-finals.

With Brazil’s green and yellow colors filling the arena, the South American teams sought to decide who will do their country proud.

Both teams started on de_Mirage, where Luminosity broke early to a 3-0 lead with T-side advantage. Still, the team slowed somewhat as both teams fought evenly to a 9-6 score before the break, despite the best efforts from ace Fernando “fer” Alvarenga.

It was the same story after that, as Luminosity came back after the break they rushed and took the next five rounds as CT. Tempo Storm did try to make rally to push them back and won 3 rounds consecutively, but was unable to match their rivals in experience and game sense, and the match ended 16:9 in favour of LG.

Tempo Storm, knowing that Luminosity Gaming is just one map win away from the title, came out all guns blazing in the second map de_Cobblestone, instantly taking a 5-0 lead.

However, Luminosity were a picture of “all-calm, no rush” to push back their brethren, taking the next nine out of ten rounds to make it once more 9-6 before the break.

And despite their best efforts along with victory in the pistol round, Tempo Storm could not survive the hurt that the world number one team could bring. In the end, Luminosity sealed their fates with by taking the map, once more at 16:9 score and in the process, their second major tournament win of the year.

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