SK Telecom T1 crowned MSI champions

SK Telecom T1 remains as dominating as ever on top of the League of Legends scene, winning cleanly by 3-0 against Counter-Logic Gaming to win the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).    

What happened in the final was a clear David and Goliath scenario, and like how it always plays out in nature, Goliath wins. The unchallenged top dog had found a way to win, and is sticking to it as they assaulted CLG for their fourth consecutive major title.

To CLG’s credit, they tried everything to push their opponents back to delay the Koreans’ seemingly guaranteed victory. They managed to deny SKT T1 star player Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok Ryze, his first choice champion in the first two sets – but he still won.

And when Ryze was finally left up in Game 3, Faker used it to devastating effect.

In the bottom lane, SKT support Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan seemed to look at Aphromoo’s unorthodox Sona pick from the semifinals and say, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” He took on the equally bizzare choice of Nami for all three games of the series, landing clutch bubbles and blasting ultis when it mattered to take teamfight victories.

But it was clear that SKT play a large-picture game, and that was what won them the tournament. Their rotational play, coupled with decisive objective control was too much for CLG, especially after mid-game.

It almost seems unlikely to see the Korean LOL team bungle their career after this: Two Summoner’s Cups. Five domestic championships. IEM world championship. All Stars Paris 2014 championship. And now, the Mid-Season Invitational championship.

With that, Faker can put on his ample trophy cupboard the one silverware that eluded him so far, after Chinese team EDG snatched it away last year. With nothing left for him to win, it would no longer be an exaggeration to address him as the greatest player of all time.

And he had promised there will still be more to come for the fans.

“I won several championships, like LCK, world championship, and so on,” said Faker in a post-finals interview. “But each tournament is a new tournament, and we’ll keep trying to win those tournaments continuously.”

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