Tempo Storm and Cloud9 qualifies for the NA finals

It was a bumpy road, but Cloud9 and Tempo Storm managed to make it to the Heroes of the Storm North American finals in the very last chance they got.

Both teams suffered from drops in performances as they had squandered qualifying spots during every other qualifier.

Indeed, it was bizarre that Tempo Storm would need to play in the qualifiers for so long at all.

But it was Cloud9 who swept their way into the Finals by defeating Tempo Storm; training seems to finally pay off as the team made a clean 2-0 victory to settle in for a spot in their regional tournament finals.

After losing to Cloud9, they needed another win to lock in the final qualifying spot due the double elimination setup for the final qualifier.

Facing off against Hot Dog Burglars twice, Tempo Storm managed to put their rest their struggles of failed qualifications. After going 2-1 and 2-0 over HDB, Tempo finally took the last spot.

Now that both teams are through by luck, effort and circumstances, both Tempo and Cloud9 can look forward to the North American Regional final, where bigger teams would be able to minimise the luck factor for teams that rely more on hope.

With just only one North American spot remaining for the best team, both Teampo Storm and Cloud9 have the chance to secure yet another Global Championship appearance, the former of which would want to get back into the international stage after quite some time.

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