WESA loses Faze Clan barely two weeks after forming

Counter-Striker: Global Offensive elite team FaZe Clan has officially left the World Esports Association (WESA) just after two weeks the global eSports entity has formed, citing a lack of transparency within the organization as the chief factor for the split.

FaZe mentioned that WESA is a concept that the team can support, but subsequently revealed that the team had brought up concerns even before the WESA news conference and release, informing ESL and WESA that it believed the product was “halfway there” and not ready to be launched to the public.

Furthermore, the team spoke up about the lack of North American organizations – leagues, teams and players – to be included. They believe a larger scope that is more inclusive needs to be adopted.

“After the WESA press conference, we raised the same concerns again and it was the first time we saw the external messaging and communication from WESA – and it concerned us,” FaZe said in a news release.

“It doesn’t lack big metaphors of what it could be, but it lacks transparency on how to get there and that is the main reason for why we are leaving WESA.”

WESA was established mid-May 2016 after a year of negotiations as a regulatory body for eSports, an independent third-party that can moderate tournaments and create rules where needed. However, several distinct issues lie in the structure.

As a start, the organization is half-owned ESL, the world’s largest eSports league.  Despite its persisting claims to be independent body, other leagues such as Major League Gaming (MLG), CEVO, PGL, and Gfinity are conspicuously absent.

Furthermore, the member council of WESA is made up of eight top eSports teams. In a nutshell this means that these teams could have the power and influence to decide the landscape and circumstances of the tournaments they compete in.

WESA had constantly provided assurances to everyone that they had taken steps to ensure balance and fair-play, but they have yet been able to prove without a doubt that safeguards are in place to prevent corruption.

With FaZe’s departure, WESA will now hold seven teams: Fnatic, Natus Vincere (Na`Vi), Virtus.Pro, mousesports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team EnVyUs and G2 Esports.


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