Luminosity tops ELEAGUE Group A, advances to playoffs

As ELEAGUE makes it debut to the attention of millions of eSports fans, Luminosity Gaming surprise none of them by topping Group A to advance into the playoffs early.

It is a good start for the Brazilian team, but their final adversary, Cloud9, managed to make things difficult for the MLG Columbus champions. Indeed, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his team had a nervy start – Cloud9 looked like the better team then.

Both teams started well on de_Mirage, with Cloud9 staying a couple of games ahead of Luminosity before winning the first half by 9-6. The Americans looked even more comfortable in the second, pressing their advantage to end the set 16-11.

It was even more testament to Cloud9’s talent that the map was picked by Luminosity themselves. This was also true for Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, who has come under criticism in recent months for his performance, managed to pick up 33 kills, and Cloud9 threatened to pull off a huge upset.

At de_Cobblestone – the second map, Cloud9 looked threatening while Luminosity was slowly creeping into the game. Both teams cut it close in regular time, and the game moved into extra time before Luminosity takes the map 19-16 to equalize the game.

Then in the deciding map, de_dust2, Luminosity rallied and quite simply, ran rampant. The first half was an utter rout as the Brazilians managed to utterly overpower their opponents 14 to 1. Cloud9 managed to make clutch after the break, but were merely delaying the inevitable as their opponents ended the series by 16 to 9.

With the victory, Luminosity advances into the eight-team playoffs in week nine of the ten week competition. Meanwhile, Cloud9 must fight their way through the last-chance bracket to claim one of two spots in the playoffs to remain in the competition.

But Luminosity was not the only winner here, as ELEAGUE averages half a million viewers even on TBS even during primetime.

As the 10-week Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament kicks off, ELEAGUE videos were streamed on Twitch 4.3 million times from its debut on Tuesday through Friday night, and averaged some 509,000 total viewers for the Group A finals between Luminosity Gaming and Cloud9.

In addition of the viewership numbers, ELEAGUE was also widely discussed on Twitter on Friday night, with 360 million impressions for the keywords ELEAGUE, @EL, TBS, Luminosity, and Cloud9. Topping that off are the total Twitter impressions for the week – 710 million.

And with the tournament proving to be such a success, there will surely be additional viewers coming in as Group B fixtures begin this week. This group will feature star teams such as G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OpTic Gaming, and Selfless—who came in late, replacing Chinese team TyLoo after they had trouble obtaining visas.


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