Million-dollar prize pot announced for Heroes tournament

Blizzard had announced and released the details of the Fall Heroes of the Storm season, a tournament that boasts a million-dollar prize pot.

The winnings had considerably increased, but some regions’ rewards were decreased significantly to compensate for the change. The Latin American Copa America now features a meager amount of $4,500 USD instead of the $18,500 USD.

Likewise, players of the Australian region will be unhappy to find out their Fall Regionals now reward a $10,000 USD prize pool instead of the previous $20,000 USD incentive.

But it just means that the teams have everything to play for and nothing to lose; indeed, this current summer season’s grand prize money was almost just half of the amount offered in the fall season.

Aside from rewards, Blizzard also put in details of next season’s competing format. Teams will qualify from regionals into the final tournament, with the regionals held from July to September while the culminating championship takes place on November 4th and 5th during BlizzCon.

Meanwhile, the participating regions remain unchanged:

  • China (Gold League): 1
  • Korea (Super League): 1
  • Europe (Regionals): 2
  • North America(Regionals): 2
  • Australia / New Zealand New Zealand (Regionals): 1
  • Taiwan (Regionals): 1
  • South East Asia (Regionals): 1
  • Latin America (Copa América): 1



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