EG and Secret knocked out of Manila Major

Evil Geniuses and Secret had been eliminated from the Manila Major main event following defeats to VG.Reborn and Empire respectively.

Both teams were favoured in the tournament, but failures in the group stage had them ended up on the lower bracket of the knockout stages. It was especially worse for Secret since they had been the Champions of TI5 and Shanghai Major.

Alliance, who underperformed similarly, also ended up on the lower bracket – but the Swedish team managed to hold off local team Mineski to keep their campaign alive. The other elimination match saw Wings Gaming losing to CompLexity in just 32 minutes.

But EG and Secret did not share the same luck in the single all-or-nothing game.

Empire’s hero draft against Secret was already looking strong and it was just so in the early game.

Still, in just 13 minutes they waned, taking a huge four-man wipeout. As the game grows uncertain, Secret made a mistake with a Tide Hunter one-man ravage. It allowed Empire to counter-initiate and win a four-man wipe into a melee Barracks.

With that, Empire takes control, dodging Ravages and counter-initiating with their Sand King’s epicenter. Their Lifestealer then tops it off by getting an Aegis and simply came knocking into Secret’s camp. Secret attempted initiate the invader, but were counter-iniated. With that, Secret is out – and the last Major champions finished at 16th place.

On the other hand, EG started well against VG.Reborn, seizing kills with Clinton “Fear” Loomis’s axe and Peter “Peterpandam” Dager’s Bane. Knowing that this must not continue, VG.R took to ambushing and ganking Syed “SumaiL” Hassan’s death prophet whenever she was left out of EG’s push attempts.

Then, the Chinese team turned the tide after a series of good team fight trades and the near wipeout of EG near Roshan. They wrapped it up with solid Glimpse pick-offs, Sladar initiations as well as overwhelming DK and Lifestealer damage. It was then merely up to EG to call the GG.


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