OG trumps Liquid to win Manila Major

OG trumps Liquid 3-1 in convincing fashion at the Manila Major Grand Final, becoming the first team to win two Valve official Dota 2 events.

Both teams were the only two European teams that did not change their starting players since their inception after The International 5 last year.

They gained immediate success since then, with OG winning the grand final of the Frankfurt Major by virtue of a miraculous lower bracket run. In the process, they had taken down runner-ups, Evil Geniuses and CDEC Gaming, as well as the European powerhouse Team Secret.

But in the main event held at Mall of Asia Arena, it was Liquid who had to claw their way back up. Although they made it into the upper brackets, they were dropped down in the first round after MVP Phoenix trumped them, and are forced to work their back up.

It was not to say that it diminishes their achievement at any rate. On their way to meet OG, Liquid successfully fended off the likes of Natus Vincere, Fnatic and tournament dark horse LGD gaming. To top it off, each victory were clean sheets.

To one and all, Liquid’s will to win was hardly worth questioning even in the grand finals. They took no chances even in the heroes pick and denied every hero their opponents favoured – and even with Radiance prepared under 20 minutes, OG could not surprise Liquid who were armed with a Riki, and was forced to call GG in 37 minutes at a 38-10 kill score in favour of Liquid. 1-0 to Liquid

Knowing that they have to get smart in the second set, OG guiled Liquid  with a  third pick Faceless Void followed by Juggernaut that reads as an offlane hero. They then finalized the draft with a Dark Seer for David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan and put Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein on the Void safe lane.

And thus, even with comfort heroes, Liquid were outplayed. Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Barqawi quickly snowballed with two kills on Adrian ‘FATA-‘ Trinks dragon knight, and roamed. Two Roshan kills and an Aegis on Juggernaut later, OG blitzed through TL’s base. 1 all.

Third of the series saw OG ganking in under 12 minutes, running behind towers to take out DK alongside Chronos who took out his support. Not half an hour past, Void Aghanim got a Scepter and Sven got a Daedalus. With a last Aegis secured five minutes later, OG took the game. 2-1.

Both teams went even in the early to mid-game in the fourth, looking for ganks but failing as all supports were brilliantly reactive. But even with a team wipe, OG haunted TL’s enchantress so badly the latter team could even get Roshan.

Then, showing great discipline and patience, OG slowly sieged T3 towers on low ground for 10 minutes, eventually decimated TL’s base entirely.

And with that, OG bags the trophy and 1.1 million dollars in prize money, 37% of the Manila Major’s 3 million dollar prize pool.  Liquid may have won less than half than that, but can surely hold their heads high knowing that they have done their very best.

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