Fnatic wobbles as G2 reclaims LCS top spot in EU region

Fnatic’s campaign for dominance in table of the EU League Championship Series Summer Split took a beating after two consecutive defeats last week.

Both Fnatic and G2 were competing for victory in the regular season, with the former gaining an edge by climbing up to the top spot during the week before.

The teams finally met for the first time in week five of this split, but G2 punched above their weight to come up on top. Their 2-0 victory wraps up their fifth win of the season, raising them back to the top once again.

G2 went on to battle to a stalemate against Origen, but the group leader’s advantages were not threatened in the least.

As G2 fought to a draw, Fnatic slumped even further as they suffer defeat at the hands of Giant Gaming, The loss meant that they were 3 points behind G2, and their first pointless week.

It was easily the single seven-day period that everyone in the team would want to forget.

As for Origen, they scrappily finished the week with a second draw of the week against third-placed H2k gaming, and are not out of the woods yet.

Currently locked in a relegation battle against three other teams, their 1-6-3 record is level with Team Vitality and Unicorns of Love on nine points – four points short of qualifying for the playoffs.

The only team to win both matches this week is Giants Gaming, which was a huge boost to the Spaniards’ playoff chances. They only had two victories before this.





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