Esports Championship Series season two launches in October

Following up on a successful debut season, organisers FACEIT has announced that the Esports Championship Series will launch its second season on October 7 this year.

The 3-day Counter-strike: Global Offensive tournament will be provided by ECS with $1.75M for Season Two that, according to official statements, will “go toward the league’s prize pool and supportive funds that will provide player stability.”

Ten teams from North America and another ten from Europe go head-to-head in the event, with open qualifiers held to give a chance to any interested team worthy of the cut.

Each region will host four open tournaments, with winners of each event joining four invited teams from their region for the developmental division.

The top two teams after six weeks will meet the bottom two teams from the ECS divisions for a spot in season two.

For the North American region, Echo Fox and Team Kaliber are the teams to beat. As for Europe, Na`Vi finished last after withdrawing and forfeiting their season, along with Team Dignitas, the second team to face a promotion match.

Prospective inductees will compete for a place from August 5 to August 27.

Promoted teams will also earn additional perks such as claiming an equity stake in ECS and voting rights in the governing committee.

In addition to the second season, ECS also promised more seasons to come in 2017 with FACEIT broadening its broadcast with content that delves into the personal and professional lives of participating players.

ECS season previously ended with G2 Esports’s triumph in Wembley last month.


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