Wings Gaming are champions of The Summit5

Wings Gaming pulled off a comeback victory against Manila Major champions OG to become the champions of The Summit5.

The Chinese team also needed to see off their opponents twice, once in the upper bracket final and then in the grand finals – after OG had saved their Summit campaign by defeating Team Liquid in the lower bracket.

Learning from their mistakes, OG took to defensive mode in game one with a focus on protecting Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein’s Drow Ranger farm. It also did not help that Drow is a customary hero for Wings.

Things then quickly developed into a curb stomp montage; OG managed numerous pick offs and were unchallenged when they went for Roshan at the 12 minute mark. Slark initiated when OG pushed, only to be countered by Medusa and Axe. Outdrafted and outplayed, Wings called GG after just 18 minutes.

Pushing their momentum into game two, OG started aggressive early on to pressure Zeyu ‘Shadow-’ Chu’s Huskar, and used rotations before Wings turned the tables.

In midgame, Wings started to do smoke ganks which ended up with an 18th minute Roshan. With Shadow- on the Aegis, Wings fell towers after towers and marched in for the top lane barracks without opposition, and then the bottom lane too. Huskar then anchored down on high ground with his team staying nearby for backup, and with another kill on Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik’s undying it all ended in 25 minutes.

Game three saw an odd draft by Wings with an Antimage and a defensive tri-lane backup. Early game started slow but when Wings smoke into OG jungle and got a kill on Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Barqawi’s Storm Spirit, OG responded with furious kills to even the score.

After resorting to farming for a while, Wings pressured below only to nearly get wiped out, while OG lost just an Io. But after taking Roshan at 29 and OG failing to stop them from gaining Aegis, Wings immediately sieged the bottom tier three tower. With their farm score and Aegis on Antimage, Wings essentially strolled past OG’s defense before the Manila Champions called GG.

There was early aggression in game four, with heroes running into each other out of sheer coincidence and ganks everywhere. With kills on Faceless Void and Oracle OG decided to move for Roshan.

Having two heroes down and no help in sight for Wings, Faith_bian went for a hail mary. Using his Spirit Breaker’s Greater Bash not only did he picked up the Aegis, he also got last hit.

Winning scuffles everywhere, Wings then got another Aegis as Roshan respawned, uncontested in the process. After pushing out on every lane, Wings earned farm on structures and kills everywhere. OG gave up as it all slowly turned into a pattern.

While game four would probably be a mistake they want to remember not to commit again, there is still time for OG to iron out what few errors they committed in Los Angeles to be prepared for The International 6. Wings Gaming too have to be careful and not let it get into their heads, after their lacking showing at Manila.

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