TNC Gaming and Execration in danger of missing TI6

TI6 has officially reached a prize pool total of $18 million.

As The International 6 looms, TNC Gaming and Execration are in danger of missing out

According to the management of the teams, they were advised by the United States embassy to apply for P1 (Athlete) Visas instead of the B1-B2 Visas (Business-Tourist). The latter were reportedly used by other teams in past The International tournaments.

However, this takes more time. Both teams had already applied for their Visas earlier this month, following instructions by Valve given them to the letter.

But after being asked to resubmit their applications and doing so, they were informed that they were eligible for their flights, but they need a P1 VIsa instead of the initial B1/B2 that Valve instructed.

Both teams had now asked for help from the Office of Senator Benigno Paolo ‘Bam’ Aquino, a well-known supporter of eSports in the Philippines, who had helped Team Rave with their Visa issues last year.

Visa problems were hardly a new issue that plagues eSports continuously but it was never solve definitively. Many parties had tried to take action to help, including setting up a petition to the White House urging the acknowledgement of eSports as a legitimate sport discipline.

Missing out would mean that Execration will not be able to fight through the tournament’s Wild card event, which also features compLexity Gaming, Escape Gaming, and EHOME.

But it would come at a greater cost for TNC, who had successfully made it into the main event of TI6 and a guaranteed piece of the prize pool.

The tournament is the most coveted trophy for every Dota 2 team. With millions in prize money and the best fans on the line, there is hardly any place to argue its importance in the eSports scene every year.


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