Immortals gets underwear sponsorship deal

Korean League of Legends team the Immortals has secured an unlikely sponsor in MeUndies, an underwear brand.
As the eSports industry progressively flourishes in recent years, plenty of brands and companies had been jumping into investments within. As a result, non-endemic corporations are rushing to form partnerships with various eSports teams in deals that appear to everyone other than themselves, disjointed and incompatible.
The latest of such awkward collaborations has now happened between Immortals and MeUndies, with the players making an appearance in a 70’s themed dating promotional video titled “perfect pair” in the name of sponsorship.

In the video Kim “Reignover” Eu-jin can be seen nuzzling his new pair of sponsored undies, but otherwise (thankfully) it was a normal 1 and a half minute footage. It’s even more so when one considers the fact that none of the players took their pants off in the spirit of capitalism.
But it is still toe-curling when you hear the following line from Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo:
“I’m a really bad boy. Probably I’m gonna break your heart.”
This delightfully awkward promotion aside, sponsors remain a necessity for eSports teams given that they help the organizations stay afloat or expand because the majority of prize money goes to players.
Additionally, with Immortals standing on top of the North American region League Championship Series with a 15-1 run, it’s hard for MeUndies to not see the appeal of handing their undies to the Koreans.

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