Virtus Pro obliterates Fnatic to become champions of ELEAGUE

Virtus.Pro obliterated Fnatic to win ELEAGUE Season 1 in two straight maps (Cobblestone 16-10, Mirage 16-8), winning themselves the trophy and $390,000 in prize money.

VP were the underdogs going into the grandfinal, and as millions watched Fnatic started de_cobblestone by quickly blazing to a 9-2 lead, everything appeared destined for another Swedish triumph.

However, as their economy stabilized VP picked up four consecutive rounds and managed to push back to 9-6 before the break. Their rhythm didn’t fade into the second pistol round as they successfully carried out an execute, and only dropped one more round and won the map despite that it was Fnatic’s pick.

On de_mirage, Fnatic managed to start off with a 3-0 win, but as managed to win two rounds as Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski put up six clutch kills across. It was only with Fnatic’s star Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer showing up with a double in a 2v2 retake that the team managed to slow VP down.

Unpertubed, Virtus then came up with a bizarre double-fake to equalize, and slowly climbed up to 9-4 with clutches and superior tactics.

Finally winning one more round before closing half-time at 10-5, Fnatic were frantic enough to pick up 3-rounds after the break. VP did not seem to mind much as they sought to prevent Fnatic from strengthening their economy.

By 10-8, they ran rampant and took the next six consecutive rounds, and then it was round, map, and match, and the title becomes Virtus’s to lose later this year.

Still, it was a testament to friendship and trust for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s longest standing roster. The team had suffered terrible criticism following poor tournament performance, but since they managed the top eight in ESL One Cologne last month they had been on a comeback roll.

Indeed, even VP’s in-game leader Wiktor “TaZ” Wojta could now say proudly that Virtus.Pro is back. The 30-year-old confessed that their slump of the past few months was only overcome by the roster’s newfound trust in each other, and now, unquestionably, it paid off – with huge incentives.


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