TnC Gaming stuns Manila Major champions OG in TI6

TnC Gaming defied all expectations in The International 6 as the Philippine nationals defeated and ousted OG, champions of Manila Major by 2-0.

In what is unquestionably the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, OG had perform well as expected to come up on top of Group A with 11 points. For comparison, TnC, who happened to be in the same group, only had 7.

Beginning their run on the upper bracket, OG find themselves stumped after Korean team MVP Phoenix managed to drop them to the lower bracket by winning 2-1. There, the European eSports team met TNC, who had just won the first round of their lower bracket match against VG. Reborn.

TNC began well to win first blood, but a fight near the Roshan pit became a disaster as they failed their Axe Blink-Call resulting in a lost team fight and aegis going OG’s way. TnC then began losing more heroes and consequently more towers.

But on the verge of losing control and the game, TnC started their comeback at the 27 minute mark with an epic fight, seeing off four OG heroes with Sam ‘Sam H’ Hidalgo’s Axe. OG quickly made a B-line towards Roshan after respawning, but even with the kill and aegis, another Axe bomb combo saw OG lost four heroes.

From then on, the same situation appears to repeat itself like clockwork and TnC gained vital momentum, claiming several T2 and T3 towers to set up high ground, and subsequently OG’s top lane barracks. By 54 minutes, TNC steamrolled past OG’s Drow lineup, and the previous major champions called ‘GG’.

In game two, OG began well went agro and essentially won all three lanes in the early stages, killing four TnC heroes who were on a push up top, and then eradicated a stolen aegis and three heroes.

Dangerous overconfidence saw OG going for Huskar at mid T2, only for a prepared TnC to retaliate and kill three. Frustration shows as OG quickly set up engagement another in the Radiant jungle, but only David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan Dark Seer walked out alive.

Taking a second aegis and several pick offs, TnC went high ground, and OG responded with a giant vacuum-wall combo and buybacks to follow up. They managed to repel TnC, but several heroes on both sides went down. Several tight dogfights and buybacks later, both teams had to settle for a stalemate.

Then, after 59 minutes, TnC ‘yolo-ed’ and marched down the middle lane. Huskar opened on Io dropping the hero and Sam H jumped to the occasion by hitting the biggest Chronosphere of his life, capturing the Tiny and bringing him down. Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Barqawi followed him to grave, and OG called it.

As the winners of the last major heads home, TnC will prepare to face Digital Chaos, who had seen off Chinese team LGD Gaming by straight sets.

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