Wings Gaming wins TI6 and biggest prize pool yet!

Wings Gaming defeated Digital Chaos by 3-1 to crown themselves champions of The International 6 and take home the biggest prize pool known to eSports yet.

The Chinese team was hardly expected to do well this tournament, due to the fact that they finished dead last in Manila Major, the most recent Dota 2 major championship.

Showing hardly any chagrin towards the humiliation, Wings merely galvanized their plays and team spirit. They began the main event at the upper bracket by finishing third in Group A, before steamrolling past Digital Chaos, MVP Phoenix, and Evil Geniuses, before meeting DC once more in the grand finals.

TI6 final standings

1st – $9,120,223: Wings Gaming

2nd – $3,420,084: Digital Chaos

3rd -$2,176,417: Evil Geniuses

4th – $1,450,945: Fnatic

5th-6th – $932,750: EHOME, MVP Phoenix

7th-8th – $518,194: TnC Pro Team, Team Liquid

9th-12th – $310,917: OG, LGD Gaming, Alliance, Newbee

13th-16th – $103,639: Vici Gaming Reborn, Team Secret, Escape Gaming, Natus Vincere

But it had been DC who opened the best-of-five series with a win. They took control after they found Wings attempting Roshan and took every one of their heroes, and started to get kills easily. With their opponents taking the high ground almost immediately after, Wings called GG.

In the second game, Wings grabbed an early first blood and good pick offs by the twenty minutes mark. After two more kills in their jungle and a successful Roshan, Wings claimed control, pushing down to T2 where possible.

Then, at 38 minutes, Wings marched in to claim their opponent’s barracks before winning another aegis. Losing too many heroes, DC called the GG.

The third game saw first blood going Wings’s way, and subsequent agro play saw the rest of the team leading 19-7 in kills by just 20 minutes. Desperate, DC stole into Roshan and managed to get an Aegis, and with it a four-hero kill, slowly wiggling their way back in the game.

But Wings were not about to be caught off guard, took aegis as the 35th minute closes in and killed four this time around. They then took the mid barracks before sneaking away. As base defense gets more difficult for DC, they called GG just 10 minutes later, and Wings take a 2-1 lead.

Wings started strong in game four once more, but DC managed to make even trades. Then, DC initiated well on top and killed three Wings heroes.

Somehow, Wings managed to get items online even as DC keep getting more pickoffs and pushed down T2 at middle. Neither gave way, but by half an hour the Chinese team started to destroy DC towers systematically.

DC responded by offing three Wings heroes and neutralized their aegis. But not a few minutes later Wings hit them again, killing three themselves and moving to high ground. Buybacks did not help, and DC looked on helplessly as Wings ran rampant in their base, razing barracks to the ground.

Rendered inert, DC called GG to end it all by 3-1, and Wings are crowned TI6 after their fantastic journey in TI6.

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