TSM makes comeback win to retain NA LCS crown

Team SoloMid retains the North American League Championship Series title after recovering from one game down to defeat rivals Cloud9 by 3-1 at a full house in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

The match began with a fantastic performance from Canadian support Andy “Smoothie” Ta in front of home crowd. He repeatedly landed perfect Trundle pillars, caught TSM out of position, forcing flashes and rescued teammates as his team won 19-5 just before the 40th minute mark.

In game 2, Haunterz starred as he dominated his matchup against Impact and doing an absurd amount of damage on a mostly tank Ekko. TSM won the game 17-3 in 37 minutes, as Hauntzer finished 3/1/7.

Cloud9 then pulled out an unexpected pick in game 3 to counter TSM’s immobile damage dealers of Cassiopeia and Jhin: Zac, an old Meteos favorite Meteos was able to pull off two good early ganks to net kills, but then Svenskeren’s Rek’Sai destroyed him in the jungle, going up three levels by 25 minutes.

And when an attempted gank at nine minutes went horribly wrong for Meteos and Cloud9, the game fell entirely into TSM’s hands. Impact tried his best to rescue the game with his Gnar, but at 26 minutes a fight in their own jungle went awry again for Cloud9, going 4-1 in TSM’s favor and leading to a 15-6, 29-minute win.

In the last game, Cloud9 kept Cassiopeia and Rek’Sai  out of TSM’s hands again, but the team still started horribly.

Jensen went for the common Taliyah strategy of stealing the enemy raptors at level 2, but Svenskeren and Bjergsen predicted it, collapsing on him and earning First Blood.

Impact, forced to carry, used his Gnar to win lane fights, he pressured TSM all over the place and held firm gold lead. His persistence bore fruit and eventually a vital team fight went 4-2 in C9’s favour.

At 40 minutes and holding a firm grip on the game, C9 initiated a team fight with Taliyah’s Weaver’s Wall cutting off TSM’s team, but Doublelift and TSM turned it around for the 5-1 ace.

3 minutes later as another team brawl broke out, Bjergsen started by killing Impact to snuff out any lingering C9 hopes, earning four kills and win 21-13 in 43 minutes to win the NA LCS title.

TSM had cruised through the playoffs after a 17-1 record in the regular season, sweeping aside the likes of Counter-Logic Gaming in the semi-finals and only dropping a single game to their Grand Final opponents.

Even as CLG qualifies for Worlds, TSM now has won four out of eight NA championships since LCS debuted in 2013. Two titles ahead of Cloud9, TSM is now unquestionably the most dominant team in the North American region.

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