Immortals defeat Cloud9 to win Northern Arena

The Immortals has won their second international Counter-Strike LAN tournament after defeating Cloud9 in the grand final of the troubled Northern Arena event.

Four-hour delays and lack of in-game sound and Luminosity Gaming’s withdrawal due to Visa problems were among the multitude of problems Northern Arena has faced on the opening day of their $100,000 event. Poor decisions from admins have also drawn negative tweets from participating players.

However, the pessimistic atmosphere evaporated in the grand-final.

The encounter between Cloud9 and Immortals were an intense one, with both teams dragging it out to the third map at de_overpass after winning one map each. (Immortals take de_obblestone by 16-12, Cloud9 takes de_Train by a similar score)

Immortals had a decent 3-0 start, but their momentum was suddenly halted by a long technical pause (one that seems to happen a little to frequent in the event. When the match was resumed, the third round was replayed, but this time Cloud9 managed to win it – with only default pistols.

Cloud9 rode the momentum and advanced with a six-round lead, but Prass’s side managed to steal the last three rounds of the half to end it 9-6.

After the switch, the Brazilians managed to win 5 straight rounds and went up to a 11-9 lead before Cloud9 even managed to win a round.

However, Immortals merely took it up a notch and after that closed out the match with five straight rounds and a scoreline of 16-11, claiming the $50,000 first place prize.

Meanwhile, Heroic trounced Echo Fox with ease in the match for third placing, winning the series 2-0 with dominant showings on both maps. Andreas “MODDII” Fridh’s team first took Overpass, their map pick with a 16-1 rampage, and then kept it going to breeze past Echo Fox’s pick de_nuke 16-6.

Heroic would leave the tournament with $15,000 for their efforts, while Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan and co. will receive $5,000 for their fourth place finish.

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