Ninja in Pyjamas victorious in StarSeries after tense final

NiP put down G2 by 2-0 (Cache 16-7, Overpass 22-18) to take the SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 Finals title and the champions cheque of $130,000.

Earlier in the day Ninjas in Pyjamas had ended the American hopes of Cloud9, with G2 besting Team Dignitas to reach the final.

The grand final that kicked off later had begun on NiP’s pick of de_cache.

The Swedes began as Terrorists and won an absurd pistol round which saw all 10 players gather and duked it out in the middle. G2’s plans to go on the offensive in the first gunround then backfired badly as they got caught out leaving the B bombsite empty.

NiP kept forcing G2 on ecos, winning all the gunrounds up until it was 9-0. At that point the French-Belgian squad took a timeout.

Whatever they did in the break, it worked wonders as G2 clinched three rounds immediately. Richard “shox” Papillon saved a good 1v3 attempt by Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom put in five kills over two rounds.

NiP then took a timeout of their own and decided to forcebuy, which went their way as G2 took a gamble and left the A open. The Swedes switched over to CT at 12-3 and followed it up with a pistol round win, reaching match point.

Benrlitom found himself in a 1v2 in the following round and came out on top, as the two players couldn’t find the final blow. NiP eventually closed out the map however after three more rounds going the other way, at 16-7.

G2 then struck back fast to take the first three rounds as Terrorists on de_overpass, all on the B bombsite. Adam “friberg” Friberg then defended the same one with a triple and Lindberg picked up four kills in the following round, equalizing the score at 3-3.

NiP had to eco after two rounds saw 2v2 situations went the way of Papillon and his team. Mikail “Maikelele” Bill had to up his game with six kills over the next two rounds, and NiP clawed back to 6-6 to eventually went over to the offence at a comfortable 9-6.

Still, G2 slowly inched back to 9-8 thanks to a Papillon triple, only to lose the following round for keeping four SMGs. Still, the Frenchmen managed to defend against a B rush and evened it out at 10-10. After an anti-eco, Benrlitom put in a quad-kill on long and made it 12-11.

Then NiP performed a miracle to win a round with only deagles, taking the initiative once more and reached match point at 15-12. G2 were able to climb back, partially due to a double from Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux in a crucial moment, and Overpass went to overtime.

Overtime went back and forth, but NiP took the better of it thanks to Friberg’s huge triple in the third round. The first couple of rounds were exchanged again on the other, as Benrlitom and Alexandre “body” Pianaro put in doubles while Lindberg closed out a 2v2. Friberg put in another huge triple in the last round, but G2 clawed back into the second overtime.

In the second it was all NiP as the Swedes came out on top of crucial situations as CT, grabbing all three rounds and then closing out a 2v1 on the B site to win it all.

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