Turkey defeats Argentina to win TWC 2016

Turkey claimed a 2-1 victory over Argentina to win The World Championships 2016 trophy and $100,000 in prize money.

Given that they were replacements for Australia (who were unable to finalise a roster), it is incredible that Turkey just dropped two maps across their entire campaign (one against France, Semi-Finals; one against Argentina).

The action began on de_Train after the veto – a favoured map of the Turks; but Argentina, starting on CT, blazed away quickly to 11-0.

Finally growing into the game, Turkey got one round back and took eight more consecutive rounds, and equalized the map at 14-14. The Turks then played it cooly to steal the first map from right under Argentina’s noses.

As the match moved to the second map – de_Overpass, all eyes were on Jonathan “JonY BoY” Munoz for impressive plays to keep his team in the grand final. However, it was Nahuel “Straka” Vazquez who carried Argentina on Overpass with 24 kills. Thanks to his plays and their fighting spirit, Argentina dominated Overpass, going up to 12-3 at the break and easily closing the map by 16-5.

Apparently bloated with confidence the map win, Argentina was immediately brought down to earth once more in de_Cobblestone. Another favoured map of the Turks, Argentina failed to replicate the good start they had at overpass, and fell behind by 7 rounds during half time.

Although they appear more comfortable after their switch to CT, the Argentines couldn’t find a way past their round deficit against Turkey. Just by defending the bombsites on five occasions, it was all Turkey had to do to win the match and the tournament.

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