Diamondprox returns to Gambit Gaming for leader role

Legendary Legends player Danil “Diamondprox” Reshetnikov has re-signed with Gambit Gaming through the end of 2017, the team announced today.

Diamondprox, famous for revolutionizing the way the jungle role was played, will also assume a leadership role as Gambit competes in the second year of the CIS region professional league, the League of Legends Continental League (LCL).

Reshetnikov, who had been a Gambit player from 2013 through to 2015, had played a vital role for the team to win multiple international titles, most recently IEM Cologne in December 2014.

He later competed for Unicorns of Love, but was loaned to Gambit Gaming in February after visa issues grounded the player in Russia. He then tried to move his career to America, where Russian players can more easily attain an eSports visa, but it seems he’s ready to settle down.

“I’ve wandered around the eSports scene long enough,” he said in a statement at Gambit’s official site. “Having spent this year playing abroad I came to a realization that returning to Gambit is a better option for me compared to joining a mid-table NA LCS team.”

“I feel I can make a bigger impact in the organization that shares my outlook, where deep mutual respect is in place. So I’m going to take on the responsibility of producing memorable results from inside the region my career stems from. Proudly, under the banner of Gambit eSports!”

Competing in the LCL may be a step down for a player with a rich competitive history, especially one who competed as a key component of an LCS playoff team less than a year ago. Still, Albus NoX Luna showed recently that even minnows from lower tier league like the LCL can create impact on the world stage, and we could possibly look forward to diamondprox leading Gambit to do just that.

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