Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawl set to be delayed after BlizzCon

Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawl mode could be delayed until after Blizzcon on 4-5 November.

According to Hearthstone senior developer Ben Brode, it could be at least two more weeks before the competitive Brawl mode called “Heroic Brawl” is launched.

The latest mode was supposed to have made its way into Blizzard’s wildly popular card browser game this or the next week, preceding the company’s yearly convention Blizzcon, but now it appears that it won’t be the case following tweets from Brode.

The Heroic Brawl, which builds upon Hearthstone’s tavern brawl mode, offeres players a chance to pay a real money or gold entry fee and win as much games as they can with a set constructed deck, with a win cap of 12.

The rewards for this new feature are progressive with the number of wins, and at the 12-win mark 50 Whisper of the Old Gods packs await, along three golden legendaries and a heap of gold and dust.

However, since its announcement the new mode received much heavy criticism from the wider community, with complaints about the steep entry tax of $9,99 or 1000 gold and was seen by many as a “cash grab” move by Hearthstone’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

On the other side of the argument for the launch of Heroic Brawl was as an opportunity to test a Tournament Mode – a feature that Hearthstone has been lacking but direly needed since its inception, as compared to its traditional ranked mode.

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