Wings Gaming trumps NP to win BEAT invitational

Wings Gaming emerged victorious in an exciting 2-0 victory over NP to become the first champions of the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational.

After a daunting journey through the lower bracket, Team NP got off to a fantastic start against Wings Gaming’s Clockwerk/Shadow Fiend combo. Despite the early 15 souls bLink’s SF nabbed from denying Faith_Bian’s Cogs, an early gank by NP’s supports shut down the Wings mid laner’s power spike.

Team NP continued to lead the game well into the late game, even taking their first barrack at 29 minutes, but at the 45-minute mark things started to go horribly wrong.

With ShaDow’s Juggernaut gradually took over in team brawls and Wings pulled off a seemingly impossible comeback from the 50-minute mark on, crushing NP’s over 20K net worth lead and swinging things around to a 15K lead for Wings as they took NP’s ancient at the 59 minute mark.

As Wings got on the front foot, NP simply could not muster a response against The International Champions as they made a massive comeback to take game one of this best of three series.

Building on momentum from the first game, Wings went early agro in Game 2 and secured an easy mid lane for bLink’s Alchemist, who had farmed an Armlet and Radiance in 12 minutes.

However, NP responded by taking an even earlier barracks in this game however after Wings teleported in one by one to a fight around the bot Tier 2, allowing NP to push all the way in before being finally repelled.

NP looked the stronger team as they were able to quell the threat of Wings for the most part of thirty minutes. But much like in the first game, Wings began to put on the pressure and claimed the mid barracks without any fight from NP and a few moments later, Wings wiped four from the Dire line up off of the map.

Pickoffs with a Slardar/Lifestealer Infest bomb were the key to Wings’ victory. The Chinese squad took advantages when NP were unable to defend, always lacking a key hero or ultimate every time Wings assaulted their high ground. It was all over at the 36-minute mark.

This LAN event was the first in a series of North American events for the TI6 champions. Their next appearance will be at The Summit 6 in Los Angeles, where they will have a rematch against Team NP in their first round matchup, before they join in the eagerly anticipated Boston Major.

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