TSM drops Sean Gares after eight days for PEA open letter

Sean “seangares” Gares is cut from the TSM Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster after signing a letter relating to player rights in the upcoming Professional Esports Association league.

The chain of events began two weeks ago when players in PEA’s $1 million CS:GO league were informed that the event would be made exclusive – meaning that players are cut off from events held by other sponsors such as the ESL Pro League.

Twenty-five of the participating players, including Gares and the rest of the TSM squad, decided to protest via an open letter to the PEA and their team owners, arguing that the PEA was actively excluding them from having any input in how the league operated – a right that they were promised.

“When the PEA and our owners first spoke more openly about their ability to tell us where we can and can’t play, we asked them what gave them the right,” the letter read.  “Their response was very direct: It’s in your contracts. This came as a shock – our owners had always given us the clear impression that we held the final say when it came to where we competed.”

As a result of signing the letter, Gares, 28, who was officially welcomed to the TSM CS:GO roster just eight days ago following his departure from Echo Fox, has been asked to part ways with the organization.

TSM founder and CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh expressed in messages with Gares that he is no longer comfortable having the 28-year-old in-game leader compete under TSM. In the exchange – shared by Gares via a Twitter post – Dinh claims that he was not made aware of the issues his players had with competing in the PEA league until he saw the letter on reddit.

“I’m not saying that I’m cutting you over standing up for player rights. I’m saying that I’m looking to replace you because you didn’t even bother to have 1 conversation with me before tarnishing our brand,” Dinh wrote to Gares. “It would be considered ‘standing up’ if I was forcing you to do anything but you didn’t even reach out to me.”

Since the publication of the conversation, Dinh has responded with his own take on the situation, in which he claims the in-game leader wasn’t honest towards the owner nor Gares’ own teammates.

“Seangares signed to start on TSM on December 16th. In less than a week, he misled and manipulated my other players, convincing them to add their names to a letter they had not read and did not understand.”

However, Dinh’s claims were quickly refuted by TSM’s remaining players, who assure all of them understood what they were doing in signing the letter and that they were in no way manipulated by Gares.

“To address some of the statements made in Andy’s post, in no way were we manipulated by Sean. Some of us may have had more information than others or been more involved in this endeavor, but we all understood what we were doing when we gave the okay to put our names on the letter.”

With Sean Gares’s prompt departure’s TSM’s roster situation could get more precarious give that almost every reputable player in North America signed the letter in question, therefore making replacement difficult to find given the obvious stance shown by the TSM leadership.

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