EnVyUs trumps Kinguin to bag biggest CS:GO prize

EnVyUs trumped Kinguin in the WESG grand final with a commanding 2-0 (de_train 16-5, de_dust2 16-6) victory, claiming the title and $800,000 — the biggest first-place prize money in Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s competitve history.

Not many would expect the grand final of an international eSports competition to conclude in such one-sided fashion, but even less would expect Kinguin’s presence in the grand-final against the likes of ELEAGUE champions Virtus.pro.  

Nonetheless, Kinguin managed to defeat their compatriots in the semi-finals, before beginning their ill-fated grand final against EnVyUs began on Train on the CT side.
With everyone essentially carrying their weight, Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer’s EnVyUs cruised to an easy and lopsided victory against the Polish team — even managing to post a positive kill-to-death ratio, winning ten rounds on the defense and topped it off with a perfect Terrorist side for an unforgiving 16-5 scoreline.

Dust2 followed with squad picking up 10 rounds in the first half again, the French team playing on the offense this time around. Conceding only one round in the remainder of the match, EnVyUs closed down the map by16-6, and celebrated the victory at the Grand Final — and with it, the entire campaign in China .

Up next, EnVyUs will enter the ELEAGUE Major with a filled purse, and with some confidence after a first place finish in China. Still, they still need to continue having players stepping up to aid star AWP player kennyS if it wishes to continue to find success.

Final Standings:

  1. EnVyUs – $800,000
  2. Kinguin – $400,000
  3. Virtus.pro – $200,000
  4. Space Soldiers – $60,000

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