G2 Esports replaces Cloud9 in IEM World Championship

G2 Esports will be the last addition to the teams participating in the IEM World Championship 2017 in Katowice at the end of this month, replacing Cloud9, who pulled out of the event.

Two-time European League Championship Series winners G2 Esports is the last to join in the $150,000 IEM event joint sponsored by ESL, which will take place between February 22 to 26.

However, not many would be thrilled with the presence of G2, who finished last in their group 2016 League World Championship. Still, the team seem to have rebounded after getting back on the League Championship Series (LCS) stage, going 6-0 to join the Unicorns of Love (5-0) as the only undefeated teams in the EU LCS.

As for Cloud 9, they have made it known that the team is switching to focus instead on their successful streak in the NA LCS scene. The owner of the North American representative team, Jack Etienne also released a statement regarding their withdrawal.

“The schedule of the event is very difficult to manage with out packed LCS schedule,” Etienne said. “Additionally 60% of our team and staff are imports which potentially could be tragic for our team should we have issues returning to the USA.”

The issues here refers to the travel bans set in place by the US administration under president Donald Trump, which incidentally had also affected Valve and the organization of their annual The International Dota 2 event.

The teams slated to go to IEM Katowice are:

  • Unicorns of Love
  • H2K
  • M19
  • Kongdoo Monster
  • Edward Gaming
  • ROX Tigers
  • Flash Wolves
  • G2 Esports

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