Dota 2: Team Liquid wins Starladder i-League StarSeries S3

Team Liquid has fought VG.J across four games to victory at the grand final of Starladder i-League StarSeries Season Three.

Team Liquid’s multinational lineup won the series by 3-1, taking a prize money of $135,000 and a potential invite Kiev Major.

If the invite does come, it arguably came in perfect timing as Liquid had missed the Boston Major back in December and struggled to keep up with the European elites in the past few months.

There were also clear signs that their troubles of keeping pace with fast-paced opponents and finding space for cores are gradually fading; indeed, the new and reborn Team Liquid just might be able to take centre stage at the upcoming Kiev Major.

And here at the venue of the StarSeries — the Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, Liquid came out victorious even as they were pitted against the best teams across four regions manager.

It was also natural that VG.J, an all-star squad of Chinese players, should get most of the cheers during the grand final.

One could almost argue the importance of the support as VG.J claimed a decisive game one, but somehow, Team Liquid managed to augment their mentality, hold the fort and sweep the remaining three straight games in the best-of-five series and win the tournament.

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