ESL announces Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017

ESL has announced that the next Intel Extreme Masters tournament will be held in Australia, with the event dubbed “IEM Sydney 2017”.

Barely days after Astralis beat Faze to the crown for IEM Katowice, ESL has now revealed that the next destination for their IEM series will be at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, running from May 6-7 — two months after Katowice.

Formerly known as the Sydney SuperDome, the Qudos Bank Arena boasts a 21,000 unit capacity, allowing for an incredible amount of spectators to be present at any time as they witness eight of the best Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams do battle.

Thus far, two invited teams — Renegades and SK Gaming — have been announced. While SK’s roster were strangers to the country, Renegades were acquainted with the locale as they return for a premier tournament for the first time since the Crown Invitational in 2015.

ESL is expected to send out four more invites to attend the $200,000 tournaments. Remaining spots will allegedly be filled with “local” hopefuls although it was not specified if “local” meant the inclusion of the entirety of the Asia-Pacific region or just Oceania. 

More details will follow as the tournament organisers are yet to share any  information regarding schedules, tournament formats and qualifiers.

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