Faceless makes it into yet another Valve Major

Faceless will become the first team to set their foot into the $3 million Kiev Major after coming through the South-east Asian qualifiers.

The team led by Singaporean Dota 2 legend Daryl “iceiceice” Koh proved once again why they are solid favourites in the region after making it through the qualifiers to the last Valve Major, the Boston Major.

Although they were expected to have a flawless run through the SEA regional qualifiers, Faceless encountered a few bumps in the road including dropping games against the likes of TNC Gaming and Bazaar, after which they finally managed to best Mineski 2-1 in the upper bracket grand final.

But this time around, Faceless wouldn’t have to play the role of sole representative of South-East Asia anymore, with the reason being that the region now hold two spots at the Kiev Major, with favourites TNC and Mineski having one extra shot at making it to the first Dota 2 Valve Major of the calendar year.

Aside from those two teams, another who could yet make it through the qualifiers are underdogs Clutch Gamers, who prior to the regional qualifiers had only experienced limited success in various online cups.

In the meantime, the qualifiers for the North American and South American rages on. While NP finishes the group stage undefeated in NA qualifiers, the southern counterparts continues to deliver its share of soap opera moments, which includes a team, Sacola de Lixo disbanding right before the qualifiers while Unknown players rage quitting after a gank.   

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