The International 2017 set to remain in Seattle

Valve announced that this year’s edition of The International will be returning to Seattle for 2017.

Valve has now confirmed that the Main Event of The International will be held in Seattle this August, but it’s also worth noting that they did not confirm whether the event will be returning to the Key Arena.

It was a rather indirect announcement as the Dota 2 developer showered more focus on the Cosplay Competition held in conjunction with The International 2017. Boasting a separate $15,000 prize pool from the main event, Cosplayers will not need tickets to The International, and can simply register to participate in the prejudging phase.

The performance finals will be held on the Main Event stage.

As for the main event, the International 2017 will run its qualifiers in June, with the main event scheduled primed for the “first half of August 2017.” Last year’s edition of the main event, The International 2016, saw six invited teams, eight qualified teams, and four wildcard teams match up in the tournament.

There had been doubts that the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year would remain in the States as Valve founder and CEO Gabe Newell had said in a press conference that instead of Seattle, this year’s International may be moved to a different location outside of the United States as a result of President Donald Trump’s visa restrictions.

Valve executive Erik Johnson also added in the meeting that visa restrictions “are already a problem for the tournament.”

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