Fnatic foils North to squeeze into ECS

Fnatic defeated North over a strenuous four map battle to maintain their seat in ECS.

Fnatic had to go through the ECS S3 EU Promotion qualifiers following their lackluster performance in ECS S2, while North were also forced to go through the qualifiers after their roster made their switch from Dignitas.

However, North were able to grab first place in the Development League ahead of the likes of Gambit and Kinguin and set up a BO5 encounter against Fnatic for a seat in ECS.

But things did not go to plan for North as Fnatic went off to a flying start and closed the first map, de_overpass with a strong 16-9 performance. Instead, it was on the second map de_cobblestone — a map North isn’t used to — that the Danish team went on for an overtime win (17-19).

The third map also went awry for North as the Swedes won de_cobblestone with a narrow 16-11 win, but were able to drag the series into another overtime on de_inferno — one of Fnatic’s best maps in statistics. But it being Fnatic’s best, the Swedes double down to close it at 19-16.

While North will be left ruing missing their chance for a major trophy, it marks a solid return to form for Fnatic.

Every player on the Fnatic roster put on a great show throughout the series after the team recently reunited with all the players that competed on the squad between late 2015 to the the middle of 2016. The line-up is considered to be one of the best all throughout Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history with a dominant record of six consecutive LAN major tournament victories.

With North out,Virtus.pro and Space Soldiers will feature in the second EU promotion as both plays for a vital final spot in the league.

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